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How to Find the Best Domains Using TRUiC’s Domain Name Search

Our Domain Name Generator tool uses a combination of smart AI technology and human-centered strategies to generate thousands of catchy, memorable, and creative domain names for your website. The tool’s algorithm will provide you with common Tlds such as .com, .net, .ly, .co, etc. with popular domain prefixes and suffixes. Our domain name checker is free to use, and we provide you with the best deal when you register a domain.

Note: TRUiC’s domain name generator guarantees you privacy when searching domain names. Your private information is kept safe with us since our goal is to always provide you with the necessary tools to start your personal or business website. Once you’ve searched a domain name, we ensure that it will be protected for a full month until you’re certain and ready to purchase the domain name of your choice.

Step #1: Search using words or phrases you want in your domain name

Brainstorm a list of popular keyword beginnings and endings (prefixes and suffixes) that will improve your business website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Depending on your industry, there are many popular keywords that will generate a successful domain name for your business. Simply type in the keyword(s) or phrase(s) you brainstormed, and our domain name generator tool will offer thousands of unique domain names for your username, YouTube channel, blog, Instagram, any other social media platform, and business website.  

Step #2: Instantly get your website name and check its domain name availability

Once you’ve selected your website name, our domain checker will then either verify if your desired .com domain name is available, or provide keyword alternatives and other common Tlds (e.g., .net, .ly, .co, etc.). Learn how to register a namefile a DBA, or change the legal name for each business type, including LLCs, corporations (C-Corp or S-Corp), sole proprietorships, and general partnerships.

Step #3: Use the domain checker to verify your name and register its domain

Once your domain name is verified with the domain checker, use the GoDaddy domain name registration to secure your website name. When you purchase a domain name through TRUiC’s domain name generator, your website name will be registered at a discounted rate through our affiliate, GoDaddy.

Unique Brand, Business, & Domain Name Techniques

Keywords, SEO, and Short URL

Consider your industry and the words that your customers will most likely be searching. For example, if you own a grocery store, you might want to search keywords such as fresh, foods, organic, market, etc. using our domain name search. More specifically, if you are a vendor providing the grocery store with fruits and vegetables, you’ll want to search words such as produce, farmer, supplier, etc. to include in your domain name.

When coming up with a domain name it’s best to keep things short and simple. A short URL is more popular for the following reasons:

  • They make memorable and easier-to-remember domain names
  • Short URLs tend to be catchy
  • Shorter domain names often make great brand names

Hyphens and Creative, New Words

Hyphens are a great way to secure a name that may not be available, but has the popular keywords you are interested in using in your domain name search. You can also use them to break apart a single word or create unique, new words. The use of hyphens can help you generate catchy business names. For example:

  • – Add hyphen to create a hyphenated domain name
  • – Break up the word Photography
  • Photograph-eur – You can create a unique domain name using a root word by adding a hyphen and a suffix.


Rhyming is a fun technique when coming up with a catchy domain name for your business website. Like a short URL, rhymes are easier for customers to remember and share with others. For instance, if you own a flower shop, you can generate domain names such as the following:

  • Flower Power Hut
  • The Carnation Station
  • Silly Lily


Thinking of synonyms for your business idea and industry is a common and simple brainstorming technique. Don’t be afraid to use an online thesaurus. Let’s say you are trying to come up with a name for a coffee shop. There are many other words you can use instead of coffee when conducting a domain name search. Here are just a few:

  • Java
  • Joe (a cup of Joe)
  • Brew


Top-level domains (TLDs) are endings in a domain name (e.g., .com, .net, .co, .ly, edu, .org, etc.). Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) are a category of TLDs and include more commonly used endings such as .com, .org, .net, etc. The .com gTLD is widely used in domain names and it is the most popular. We recommend using .com whenever possible and if applicable since most people will search a domain name first by using the .com gTLD.

  • Use the most common TLD, .com, for general types of businesses in your domain name
  • Use .org for non-profit organizations
  • Use .net for emails or if the domain name you are looking for is taken.
  • Some TLDs are country specific such as .ly, which is used in the country of Libya
  • Use .edu for an academic institution or educational purposes

Keep in mind that whichever TLD you use in your domain name search, it will not affect your website rankings.

Feel free to visit TRUiC’s business name generator or if you’re interested in a more detailed guide to come up with an industry-specific domain name, make sure to visit TRUiC’s business name generator by industry.

After Domain Name Registration

Once you’ve used TRUiC’s free online domain name generator and registered your domain name, there are more steps you can take to successfully launch your business brand:


What is a domain name?
domain name is the name or internet address used for an online website – it is also called a link. Domain names typically use a keyword or phrase and end in .com, .net, .org, .co, .edu, .ly, etc. (e.g.,

What is a domain name generator?
A domain name generator or name search generator uses the combination of AI and human creativity to produce popular, unique, and catchy domain names for your website and business presence online; it will also check for instant domain name availability.

How much does it cost to use a name search generator?
TRUiC’s domain name generator and business name generator are free. We even have suggestions for industry-specific domain and business names instantly ready for purchase through our affiliate partner, GoDaddy.

How do I use the TRUiC Domain Name Generator?
Our free domain name search is incredibly simple to use. All you have to do is type the phrase(s) or word(s) you want in your website name, and our domain name generator tool will provide you with combinations of thousands of catchy and creative domain names. Our domain name search will provide you with instant domain name availability. Choose the name you want and secure it through the GoDaddy domain name registration service.

What should I do if my preferred domain name is taken?
Try using hyphens in your domain name, add the word “the” as a prefix, or use a different TLD.

What are TLDs?
TLD stands for top-level domain, which is the ending of a domain name (e.g., .com, .net, .edu, etc.). There are various categories of TLDs such as gTLDs (generic) and ccTLDs (country code).

What are gTLDs?
gTLD stands for generic top-level domain. Examples of gTLDs are the common domain name endings such as .com, .net, .org, and so on.

Will the TLD I choose affect my website rankings?
The top-level domain or TLD you choose will not affect your website ranking.

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